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Pollino Danza

Choreographic Showcase

The competition .

The Choreographic Showcase of the Pollino Danza Festival is a free competition dedicated to emerging choreographers of any nationality and without age limits. Participants are invited to present completed works, both unpublished and otherwise.

Key information about the competition:

  • The Choreographic Showcase has a unique category;
  • The dramaturgical and stylistic choice is at the discretion of the choreographer;
  • Choreographic works for conventional spaces and unconventional spaces (squares, woods and ancient village) are permitted;
  • It is possible to present solos, duets or works for groups up to 4 performers;
  • The choreography must have a minimum duration of 10 minutes and a maximum duration of 30 minutes;
  • The selected choreographic works must be performed on stage during the Pollino Danza Festival 2024, for the final selection.

How to apply .

  • There is no age limit for the choreographer or choreographer;
  • The choreographer can also be the interpreter of the choreography presented;
  • Only completed works, unpublished and otherwise, will be accepted;
  • We do not accept work in development;

The first selection is via video submission:

  • Upload the full video of the choreographic work you intend to present on the Youtube or Vimeo platforms;
  • Send the YouTube or Vimeo link (with possible password), synopsis and photographic material of the choreographic work to the email address: The subject of the email must contain the text “Pre-selection CHOREOGRAPHIC SHOWCASE PDF24 + name of the choreographer*;
  • Attach the technical data sheet of the work;
  • All material must be sent no later than May 30, 2024;
  • The videos will be viewed and selected by a specially appointed Artistic Commission;
  • The results of the selected choreographic works will be communicated by 15 June 2024 via email;

Awards .

The Jury, composed of international dance professionals, will select a winning choreographic work which will be awarded a cash prize of 1000.00 Euros and a 10-day Artistic Residency in Basilicata in the municipalities that are part of the network of Balletto Lucano.