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  /  László Nyakas

László Nyakas

Director and Ballet Master, Tanz Theater Osnabrück・Ballet and repertoire (advanced)

László NYAKAS was born in 1967 in Clausenburg (Cluj-Napoca) in Romania, where he studied Dance and Dance Paedagogic at the Choreographic Institut. Immediately after his Diploma, in 1986 he joins the state Opera Timisoara as solo dancer, where he dance several classical ballets rolls. His International carrier begins at the National Ballet of Hungary in Budapest. In 1992 he achieves the second prize at the International Ballet Competition in Paris.
After the Competition he joins the invitation to the International Ballet Galas and his career joins lot of several rolls as Swan Lake, Giselle, Nutcracker, Anna Karenina, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, La fille mal Gardee, Coppelia, and among athors. In 1994 he win the prize as “Best upcoming dancer” at the Dance Festival Tersicore d’oro in Florence, and later in 1996 he was finalist at the Jackson M.S-USA Ballet Competition.

László NYAKAS was working as solo Dancer Basel Ballet at the Semperoper Dresden at the Bonn Opera House, State Theatre Mainz, and as well State Theatre Saarbrücken. He works with important choreographers (Fodor, Keveházi, Róna, Seregi, Pártay, Kylian, Cullberg, Thoß, Goecke, Neuemeier, Forsythe, Paar, Panov, Pegliasco, Vamos, North, Horta, Sotto, Cobos&Mika, Felix Landerer, Thomas Noone, Toula Limnaios, Maura Morales, James Wilton, Iratxe Ansa& Igor Bacovich, Ed WubbE, Maciej Kuzminski, Adi Salant. Since 1997 László NYAKAS he is invited regularly for his appreciated work in several Theater as: SkänerTanzTeater Malmö, Ballet Basel ,Ballet Wiesbaden, Gdansk Ballet Company , Norrdanse Company ,Ankara National Ballet ,VNOB –Vietnam National Ballet, Clausenburg Ballet in Romania, State Ballet Academy in Romania, Ballet Greifswald, Ballet Augsburg, Dance Company Regensburg and Ballet Dortmund. In the year 2001 until 2007 he was working at the State Theatre in Braunschweig with the position of Ballet Master and Vice Director of the company with Dance Director Hans Henning Paar. From the season 2007/2012 he will be holding the same position of Ballet Master, Rehearsal Director and Vice Director of the Dance Theatre Munich in Germany and In summer 2008 he hold a Special Prize of Jury and the best Ballet teacher “ Regione Basilicata” with Pollino Danza festival.

From the Season 2012 until 2022 László NYAKAS hold the same position like Vice Director and Ballet Master in the new Company in TanzTheater Münster in Germany. From Season 2023/24 László Nyakas take the Position like Artistic Director and Ballet Master in the Dance Company Osnabrück / Theater Osnabrück in Germany.